Baby Botticellis

Baby Botticellis offers a unique opportunity for pre-school children to familiarise themselves with new materials and textures, explore creative play with parents and carers and have lots of fun!

We understand that not all parents/carers want to do messy and art play at home, which is why coming to an art class is so important. Children need a chance to be free creatively, and Baby Botticellis is the place to do that. Baby Botticellis isn't just a toddler group, it's an art and creative messy play group, where we encourage autonomy in children, and the freedom to be creative.

Central to our philosophy is the importance for kids to make a mess, gain confidence from following their own initative and just be kids!

We’d like to welcome our new Baby Botticelli teacher, Becky;

“I have worked with children for over 16yrs, and I am a fully qualified Nursery Nurse. I also have a degree in surface design and 4 yrs at Art School. This has allowed me to learn new techniques and experiment.”

“Through my work with children I have always used art, messy and creative play. I help parents to understand that its not about whether the children have an end product, its about the process. During this process, be it hand painting, sticking, play dough or shaving foam, children have to use a variety of skills for strong muscle control, early literacy skills are developed and a good sense of self esteem, as children always receive praise for their work. Art and creative work covers all areas of the foundation stage curriculum, but it is so much more for the children than ticking a box.”

“I am a practising artist, and I am soon to be adding a new section to my own website about being creative with your child. This will run alongside these sessions, but with ideas you may want to try at home to support your child’s cretive development”.